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EAS Earthquake Research

Links to The School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Fa culty In The School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Geophysics Programs in The School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Programs of study


Educational Seismology

(for middle- and high-school teaching)

GaESN The Georgia Tech Educational Seismology Network

Teaching Activities, Exercises for teaching about the earth using seismic data.

Workshops, Three Teachers Earthquake Workshops have been sponsored at Georgia Tech. We hope to hold another workshop in summer 2002, email in interested.

Seismometers for teaching Some basic information on how to make or purchase a seismometer.

Seismometer needs home:  Georgia Tech has an AS-1 seismometer to place in a school.  This is the same seismometer that is part of the IRIS “seismometer in schools” program. Email if you are interested.  Use the same application as for IRIS.

Seismometer Calibration: Instructions on how to calibrate a homemade seismometer.

Calibration of the AS-1, a technique to calibrate any AS-1

Example of Magnitude calculation using the AS-1 Displacement Response Curve.

Links to regional sites of seismological interest

***University of Tennessee at Knoxville, earthquakes page.

***Pamela Gore's Earthquake Page for the Georgia PEPP workshops.

***PEPP home page (Princeton Earth Physics Program).

***The Mid-America Earthquake Center

***The University of South Carolina Seismology program and SCEPP.

Research topics


Coda Envelope Inversion


DOE study of Tomographic Inversion of Surface Waves

1999 Annual Report and Summary

Surface-wave Tomography

Seismic Hazards in Georgia

Emergency Managers Guide to Seismic Hazards in Georgia

Home Owners Guide to Seismic Hazards in Georgia

Seismicity of Georgia

Map of instrumentally located earthquakes, 1963-1999.

Map of felt earthquakes.

Under development "Questions and Answers about Georgia's earthquakes.

Norris Lake Community Seismicity"

Eastern Section, Seismological Society of America,

Note: the 2001 meeting will be in Columbia, South Carolina, October 14-16.

Meeting Notes from 2000

Tim and Sally’s family page, (pictures from trip to England)

Frank and Tim's "cheap seis" a low cost seismic recording system (comming soon)