Eastern Section

Seismological Society of America


Reception: 6:00PM

Banquet: 7:00PM

Business Meeting: 8:00PM

Guest Speaker: Richard P. Barke

Associate Professor of Public Policy

Associate Dean of Ivan Allen College

B.S. in Physics (concentration in Geophysics), Georgia Institute of Technology

M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Rochester

"Risk, the Public, and Scientific Expertise: Perceiving and Communicating about Hazards"

Dr. Barke's research and teaching interests include national, cross-national, and state science and technology (S&T) policy; scientific and lay risk perception and analysis; the impacts of evolving technology on regulatory policies; and research design and methods. In 1987, he joined the faculty of Georgia Tech where he served as Director of the School of Public Policy(1992-1994). He has published articles and papers on a range of S&T policy issues, including risk perception and policy, congressional behavior, nuclear waste and weapons policies, state technology and economic development policy, hazardous waste regulation, technical standard setting, and transportation regulation. He is also the author of Science, Technology, and Public Policy (Congressional Quarterly Press, 1986), and Governing the American Republic (St. Martin's, 1985, 1989). He has served as a consultant and researcher for the Center for Growth Studies of the Houston Advanced Research Center, the Department of Energy, the Army Environmental Policy Institute, the Chinese State Science and Technology Commission, and Eastman Kodak. He was primary author or co-author of three reports for the Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government (on scientific analysis and advice for Congress, on the role of the congressional support agencies, and on the congressional science and technology budget process). He was a visiting professor at the University of Ghent (Belgium). His recent projects include lay and expert perceptions of risk in nuclear waste disposal, research policy and management, and an examination of risk perceptions, economic development, and environmental policy in Bulgaria.

Phone: (404) 894-8282

E-mail: richard.barke@pubpolicy.gatech.edu