Stone Mountain Trip

Stone Mountain Park offers examples of many unique geologic features, as well as a glimpse of the Old South and great views. Our plan is to leave Georgia Tech aroung 12:30 and meet for the tour at Stone Mountain at 1:30. We plan to have a bus available for those without transportation. The bus will return to Georgia Tech about 5:30. Those with their own transportation may choose to stay longer and enjoy evening activities at Stone Mountain Park.The tour will be guided by Bill Waggener, our resident geology laboratory instructor.

For a trip preview, visit Pamela Gore's Stone Mountain Lab site.

For some studies of the earthquakes near Stone Mountain, visit Pamela Gore's Georgia PEPP site.

Please let us know if you want to take in the Stone Mountain tour by August 28, 2000. Please email your plans to "" Tim Long. Also, let us know if you will need transportation so we can reserve a proper size vehicle.