Materials needed


  1. Sheet of blank rectangular paper
  2. Colored Markers




  1. Divide students into pairs.
  2. One student holds up a marker to represent a stationary Hot Spot and places one end of the paper above it. (Start in the middle of the bottom or top edge.)
  3. The other student marks this position with an X.
  4. The first student moves the paper of its length and the new position is marked is marked with an X. Repeat until the other edge of the paper is reached and mark the final position of the Hot Spot with a circle.
  5. Draw an arrow on the paper to show the direction of movement of the paper.




Figure 1 Example of finished Hot Spot Activity sheet showing Plate movement, Active Volcano, and chain of Islands.

1. The finished sheet represents the movement of an ocean plate over a stationary Hot Spot. The arrow indicates the plate movement direction. The Xs show the chain of inactive volcanic Islands and the circle represents the Active Volcano above the Hot Spot.